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STOPLOSS is an aggressive hardcore punk band from Lowell, MA, a stalwart of the New England scene for the past decade, featuring members of other esteemed Massachusetts bands Shipwreck and The Fake Boys. On their first LP, “WANDER. DEFY. RELENT. DECAY.”, STOPLOSS has mustered together 9 tracks of pummeling, abrasive, hardcore punk. The record is a reflection of the times gone wrong, not of the world at large, but the internal strife that wreaks havoc on the individual and surrounding relationships; doubt, excuses, debt, and the 9-5 march toward a spiritual death. To set these themes in motion, STOPLOSS throws fast driving beats, heavy bass, and enough mid-tempo groove atop harsh vocals for you to bang your head and beat your chest.

Vinyl 12" LP, black (edition of 300)
Black and gray outer and black flooded inner jacket with black and gray 11x11 double-sided insert and black dust sleeve

Released July 2020

Band photo by Coleman Rogers


CDR-10: Shifting - It Was Good

Shifting from Dublin, Ireland playing a caustic yet tempered brand of slithering noise rock. Sharing a member with another one of Dublin's best noisy outputs No Spill Blood, Shifting's debut LP, "It Was Good," can best be described as, umm... a mix of heavy Shellac, or a softer Unsane, or maybe just the grit of Unsane's cover of "Ha Ha Ha" by Flipper... hmm... well, somewhere in there lies Shifting. The LP spans 10 tracks covering a myriad of bass-heavy rhythms with squeamish guitar screeching over tight, groovy drum patterns. Vocals that croon, shout, scream, and whisper. Co-released with Permafrost Records, Whosbrain Records, Assos'Y'Song, and Gabu Records.

Vinyl 12" LP, black (edition of ???)
Full color jacket

Released August 2020


CDR-09: Knock Over City - it's rad, dude.

Knock Over City's latest EP, "it's rad, dude." serves as a companion piece to their previous LP "it's bad, dude." A 5-song rally of stoner punk (you can call it that or indie-alt-noise-punk, take your pick) that is equal parts anger and reverie with songs ranging from blasting the garbage-brained fascists that control America to the retelling of an imagined kaiju monster movie. The EP also features horns from Aaron Hibbert and Justin Belden of PWRUP, compounding each track’s bright melodies and fast moving hooks. "Do you wanna smoke some weed and cruise around, dude?"

Vinyl 7" EP, black (edition of 200)
Full color single-sided foldovers with two 4x6 single-sided xerox inserts

Released July 2020


CDR-08: Intercourse - Bum Wine

The latest EP from deranged noise rock foursome Intercourse, “Bum Wine,” features four tracks of maddening, demented hardcore (preceded by one literally vomit-soaked intro). With each release, the outsider hardcore quartet dives deeper into the muck, tossing and toiling with the locals in the gutter, and brings the worst back with them. "I ain't feelin' so great. Hey man, give me something to wipe this up with." Co-released with Corpse Flower Records (CFR30).

Vinyl 7" EP, translucent teal "MD 20/20 bottle" (edition of 50; CDR exclusive, comes wrapped in a screenprinted 40 oz paper bag), green splatter on translucent purple "dirty bong snot" (edition of 50; CFR exclusive), green/yellow/brown splatter on clear "tobacco phlegm" (edition of 50; band exclusive), random mix "thick puke"(edition of 100)
Full color double-sided foldovers with black dust sleeves

Released November 2019

Band photo by Marc McShane


CDR-07: Heavy Meta - S/T

Heavy Meta publicly unveiled their ugly head onto the Lowell scene in 2019 with their own brand of experimental metallic math rock (is “noisecore” still a term?). Amidst blackened vocals and dissonance with groove, your loins will never feel the same again. Heavy Meta's debut cassette contains four tracks of ugly, noisy, math rock, with enough metallic hardcore to make the ears of your Hellfest 2003 DVD ring.

Cassette, gold (edition of 30)
Full color J-card in clear case

Released May 2019


CDR-06: Bystander - Nothing Matters

Bystander’s gloomy, emo-tinged, abrasive rock (self-described “existential shoegaze”) has permeated the Massachusetts scene for the last couple of years and left a lasting, solemn impression on those who have experienced them. Bursting at the seams with emotion and violent tendencies, their latest EP "Nothing Matters" showcases the band at their darkest and most desperate. Watching the world die.

Bystander is no more. Some of the members have moved on to form Lilac Queen.

Lathe cut 10" EP, clear (edition of 25, numbered)
Full color one-sided foldovers with two 10x10 one-sided inserts

CD (edition of 100)
Matte-printed digipak

Released May 2019

Band photo by Coleman Rogers


CDR-05: Aneurysm - Awareness

Awareness is ten tracks' worth of swaggering, melodic, noise-rock that charges forward with burly drums and distorted bass, pounding out frantic punk rock rhythms as dual guitars weave ragged blankets of noisy melody. Vocals snarl, scream, and croon, with lyrics that are raw and poetic; world-weary reflections on sex, drugs, cops, death, and rock n' roll. Aneurysm have perfected the balance between melody and chaos on Awareness, an album that rages wildly with a sneer on its face, yet also melts the heart. Co-released with Tor Johnson Records (TJR045).

Vinyl 12" LP, creamsicle (edition of 50; CDR exclusive), crown yellow (edition of 50; TJR exclusive), black (edition of ???), a few other extremely limited variants to select record stores
Full color outer and black flooded inner jacket with full color inner sleeve and black dust sleeve

CD (edition of 300)
Jewel case with 4-page double-sided booklet

Aneurysm - Awareness branded fingerboard

Released February 2019


CDR-04: Intercourse - Everything Is Pornography When You've Got An Imagination

Deranged hardcore/noise rock from Connecticut filled with snot, vitriol, and contempt. Soaked in sweat, alcohol, and likely some other substances, Intercourse delivers eleven tracks of punk spasms. Dirty, damaged vocals with erratic guitars and drums, songs burst out of step, lead by the rambling vocals of a drunken madman. Alien abductions, furries, and provocative, demented diatribes on modern existence.

Vinyl 12" LP, first pressing: pink (edition of 50; CDR exclusive), red on white splatter (edition of 50), black (edition of 150); second pressing, pink on clear splatter (edition of 50), purple (edition of 100)
Full color jacket and 11x11 double sided laminated insert

Released August 2018


CDR-03: Los Bungalitos - Nueva Inglaterra

Thrashy bi-lingual hardcore punk to stomp your teeth in. This record marks a defining moment in creative maturity for Los Bungalitos, a mainstay for the New England hardcore scene. "Nueva Inglaterra" offers fourteen tracks of biting lyrical commentary on social and political issues of the past and present, delivered with guts, aggression, and fury. Los B is at their angriest and most poignant of their fifteen year history.

Vinyl 12" LP, transparent blue/red split (edition of 30, numbered), transparent red (edition of 270)
Full color jacket with black dust sleeves and 11x11 double sided insert

Released September 2018

Band photo by Coleman Rogers


CDR-02: Knock Over City - it's bad, dude.

Indie punk power trio from Massachusetts with clear influences from noise rock, hardcore, and 90's alternative. Knock Over City has evolved their sound on "it's bad, dude." to compose catchy, driving songs. Sing alongs and hooks abound, this record could easily fit within the Touch and Go canon. "This is a record about getting better. I never thought it would happen for me, so I want you to trust me when I say; it does. It’s bad, dude. Be kind. Take care." - Nunzio

CD (edition of 100)
Matte-printed digipak with 3x5 canvas patch

Released April 2018

Band photo by Coleman Rogers


CDR-01: Crowfeeder - No Flowers

Sludgey metal/punk duo from Massachusetts that hits heavy, angry, and emotional. The debut full length from Crowfeeder, "No Flowers," sees their songwriting combine melodic hooks and angry riffs across nine tracks. Two dudes, two beards, many more beers, lots of yelling, and songs about dead people (those they have lost and those they wish would pass). The band draws influences from stoner rock, 90's alternative, doom, and hardcore to bring forth their own brand of driving, bluesy metal.

Vinyl 12" LP, black (edition of 300)
Full color jacket with black dust sleeves and 11x22 double-sided insert

Released March 2017

Band photo by Noise Floor

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Your last choice. Constant Disappointment Records was established in 2017 in Massachusetts and is "dedicated" to releasing music with heavy, rough, and noisy content. Heavy hearted, downtrodden, unclean, tense, and fucked up. Low expectations yields low results. Regret everything. Eternal rejection. CONSTANT DISAPPOINTMENT.